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\~)I Just Want to Live!(~/ by shadowsilver1991
\~)I Just Want to Live!(~/

Yeah, if you've been following the rock industry and can recognize the text used, I'm very excited for Skillet's upcoming album. I can't help it. You should know me enough to know that Skillet is my favorite band.

Because of that, and the release of their single "I Want to Live", I had to make this wallpaper.

Program: Adobe Premiere v2.0
Screenshots From: Sonic X
Time Taken: Roughly 50 Minutes

Click here to see the speed edit of me making it:…
Sonic's 25th Anniversary by shadowsilver1991
Sonic's 25th Anniversary
:balloonla::balloonla::balloonla: HAPPY BORFDAY YOU LITTLE... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUK :balloonla::balloonla::balloonla: 
My original intention was to upload this on the 23rd, however, I decided to upload this now because a.) I'm genuinely proud of this piece, and b.) I decided to make this for a 25th Anniversary contest for several Sonic communities.

This will be my only time making a picture in Adobe Premiere. This was also a partial test to see how well I could make a wallpaper in this program, and I personally thought I did pretty well.

I'm out of what to say, sooo...... PARTY HARD!!! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! Party Hard! 

Program: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
//Disclosed Consequences~} by shadowsilver1991
//Disclosed Consequences~}
O. Luk. A dark-themed image by this one dA user called "shadowsilver1991". This looks familiar.
Whale... it's a little different. This is a kinda-sorta possibly-a-teaser for a project that's been in the back of my head for a while now, that of the same name.
ALSO~ this is my wallpaper against user :icontwipplestoast: for a wallpaper battle. Because of that, it is pretty apparent that the overall style of it (Including fonts, colors, the lightning [obvs. =P (Razz)]) we're heavily inspired more by her old wallpapers... PLEASE DON'T SUE!! T_T
Vote for your favorite by commenting below, no PM's. You can only vote for one or the other. Voting closes tomorrow at 12:00 EST!
Whelp, I'm out of what to say here, sooo... have an emoticon! Angry Shadow Emoticon 

Programs: AVS Video Editor 6.1
                Pixlr (For outside factors, like cropping and editing the overlays)
Screenshots From: "Sonic X"
Time Taken: You know... I spend so long on it, I don't even remember. XD

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: Credit to "Texture 390" by Sirius-sdz. I used that image to make this.…

Her Wallpaper:…
(-Hostile Psychosis-) by shadowsilver1991
(-Hostile Psychosis-)
Something a little different this time. This is a trailer image for my upcoming AMV, "Hostile Psychosis".
Yeah, remember that? That massive AMV I've hyped up for the past five months that I've done jack on since? Yeah, I don't either.
You could call this a promotional poster for the full AMV.
Now I just need to actually work on the damn AMV.

Program: AVS Video Editor 6.1
Screenshots From: Sonic X, Sonic Colors
Time Taken: 1-1.5 Hours.
:[I Refuse!]' by shadowsilver1991
:[I Refuse!]'
You know, I've really gotta stop editing in this dark style. XD
Free cookie to anyone who can guess what song the lyrics come from. ^u^

Program: AVS Video Editor 6.1


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shadowsilver1991's Profile Picture
Jacob Edwards
United States
Now who is this beast standing on your screen?

Known as Jacob just about everywhere, I am a very open and expressive person. I always like to try something new out, and I'll be quick to make my open thoughts on it. I'm especially vocal on the subjects I like and what really gets me going. I love to spend my free time using my imagination to create new stories, videos, and the occasional wallpaper across the internet. Most of the time, I like to use what I already have to make my work to the best of my abilities without the need to use any super-advanced programs (Like using video-editing software for creating wallpapers). If you're interested, come and sit down for a while. I'm always ready to chat.

Name: Jacob
Birthday: September 12th
Country: United States of America
Favorite Color: Orange, Blue, Green
Likes: Music, Creativity, Art, Anything that involves vivid use of the imagination
Dislikes: Laziness or plagiarism, those who attack those close to me

Contact Me Through:
Skype: ShadowSilver1991
ONE THING BEFORE I FINISH: If you don't like Sonic, you probably should not stay here. This channel consists almost entirely of Sonic material, and I won't stop anyone from going if they really hate Sonic.

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